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HHP Attended Meritas Asia Regional Meeting 2019

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HHP lawyers attended the Meritas Asia Regional Meeting 2019 for and on behalf of our Firm in Manila from 14-16 November 2019.

The Asia Meeting brought Meritas members together from 12 Asian-Pacific countries and regions, as well as the Chairperson of Meritas from the U.S. and member representatives from Europe and America to share industry trends, best practices and views on matters of interest to them.

Yao Rao, Managing Partner of HHP, also the Board member of Meritas Worldwide and Co-Chair of Meritas Asia-Pacific spoke at the conference.

During the Asia Meeting, representatives of member firms from different countries and territories gathered together and visited the head office of ACCRALAW, Meritas Philippine member firm, at ACCRALAW Tower in Bonifacio Global City, Manila.

An Asian Forum on global personal data protection and anti-trust and competition law was held during the conference, where compliance experts from Meritas Asian, European and North American member firm shared their insights with legal professionals from major MNCs. Mr. Rao, as a speaker in the session of Data Protection & Privacy discussed the effects of data protection on businesses worldwide and China’s practice and interacted with the attendees.



2019-11-28 10:07




2019-11-28 10:07






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