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Financial Asset Management Conference Held Successfully at HHP

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On July 11th, 2019, a conference on ‘Hidden Traps in the Asset Management and Channel Financing Business’ was held at HHP. The roundtable event was hosted jointly by HHP Attorneys-At-Law and Wolters Kluwer (CCH). HHP parters and lawyers, Mr. Jingdong Xu, Mr. Jun He, and Mr. Qian Ma, shared their views on legal traps in the channel business, and obstacles in risk control and dispute resolution in the asset management service with the participants from bank, fund, insurance, securities, trust companies and other institutions.

Mr. Xu, Partner of HHP, discussed legal traps in the channel business in depth from perspectives such as differences of business supervision and court judgment in judicial practice in channel business and etc, with reference to and analysis of HHP’s cases of from recent years.

In the second part, Mr. He listed and explained multiple obstacles in risk control of the asset management business. He made analysis on difficulties and methods of risk control in capital management, and further explained risk control during the contract formulation stage of capital management service. He then specified possible dilemmas that may be encountered when contract terms are put into practice, and elaborated on non-litigation control measures to the risks.

In the third part of the conference, Mr. Ma introduced solutions to capital management disputes. He emphasized analysis on advantages and disadvantages of procedures like notarized credit instrument and security interest realization specific to different case scenarios. Using real life cases as examples, Mr. Ma analyzed from the point of plaintiff and defendant in cases and explained boundaries of responsibilities taken by the channel side in the perspective of judicial practice.

At the end of the conference, attendees had in depth conversations on subjects related to the topic with the lawyers.



2019-07-19 10:34




2019-07-19 10:34

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