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HHP Lawyer Attends Huangpu Yuying Legal Training Program

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Mrs. MA Baolu, a lawyer of HHP, is honored to, being one of the first batch of trainees, attend Huangpu Yuying (Hong Kong) Legal Training Program for Young Lawyers jointly organized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Justice Bureau, Legal Work Committee, and China Overseas Friendship Association of Huangpu District, together with the Hong Kong Financial Services Institute. The Program lasts for one week and it aims to strengthen communication between legal talents from Mainland and Hong Kong and expand the exchange platform for young lawyers from both sides, thereby exploring more possibilities of the future cooperation between lawyers from Mainland and Hong Kong.

The training consists of two parts: project learning and field-trip. Project topics include Hong Kong’s Construction of Clean Governance, Hong Kong Social Situation, Hong Kong’s Lawyer System and so forth. A lot of industrial experts, professors and outstanding representatives, including Mr. Guo Wenwei, first Commissioner of Integrity and Chief of the Executive Office of Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption, Mr. Zhu Hua, former Vice Minister of the Economic Affairs Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government and Vice President of Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, Mr. Li Wei, Special Commentator of Phoenix TV, are invited to give lectures and have in-depth exchanges with the trainees.

Later in the training, the trainees had paid a visit to the Law Society of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, GALLANT Y.T. Ho & Co. SOLICITORS & NOTARIES and other local law firms, whereby they have got a general  knowledge of the current legal service market in Hong Kong, conducted a close observation on the living environment and living status of Hong Kong lawyers and moreover, they developed a new understanding of the operation of Hong Kong law firms.

In addition, the trainees also visited the High Court of Hong Kong to observe and experience the trial process conducted by Hong Kong lawyers and judges.

Upon the completion of the whole courses, Mrs. Wang Zhongying, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hong Kong Financial Services Institute, presented the certificate of completion of Huangpu Yuying (Hong Kong) Legal Training Program for Young Lawyers and took photos with trainees and representatives.



2019-07-12 10:18




2019-07-12 10:18

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